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Biomaster Antibacterial Bag for Life

The Biomaster Bag for Life offers antibacterial protection to prevent cross-contamination

Reusable grocery bags may be good for the environment, but not always good for your health. The eco-friendly ‘bag for life’ is a potentially powerful breeding ground for harmful bacteria.  The Biomaster antibacterial grocery bag can be used for life - safely.

One of the most common causes of food poisoning is cross-contamination during your weekly shopping trip.

Every year in the UK there are at least 450,000 cases of food poisoning of which 80% are caused by just one type of bacteria - Campylobacter. It is present in more than 70% of all fresh chicken sold in UK supermarkets today.*

7% of the outer packaging of chicken sold in supermarkets also tested positive for campylobacter which means that at least 800,000 portions of chicken with infected outer packs are sold every year.*

Even if you cook chicken properly you could have Campylobacter on your hands from a single touch of contaminated outer packaging.** Once transferred from the fridge onto surfaces, utensils or hands, it can be spread to other surfaces and directly on to ready-to-eat foods.

Dangerous bacteria can survive for up to 8 weeks in a reusable shopping bag.**

International studies show that an increase in the use of reusable bags can lead to a spike in illness rates. When San Francisco banned the use of plastic bags in 2007, deaths and hospitalisations from food-borne illness increased by 46%. 

In 2011, food safety researchers in the US discovered that 51% of reusable shopping bags contained harmful bacteria. 

In a UK, study, nearly half of reusable bags tested fall into the “heavily contaminated” category. Washing reusable bags will not kill all of the bacteria transferred to them by raw meat. 

97% of people asked were not aware there was any threat of bacteria from their grocery bags. 

Our solution: the bacteria-free shopping Bag for Life

Treated with technology proven to inhibit the growth of all common types of bacteria that might transfer between your bag and your groceries.

The bacteria-free bag for life reduces the likelihood of cross infection of dangerous bacteria when purchasing and handling food.

The active antibacterial agent is built into the bag during the manufacturing  process, so the protection lasts for the useful lifetime of the bag.

Biomaster protection does not affect the taste or smell of the bag contents in any way.

In independent tests, the Biomaster antibacterial bag for life is proven to inhibit the growth of most common types of bacteria by more than 99%.

Multi-use bags are a concern of many industry experts. This bag provides a solution to the problem. Biomaster protection built into the bag reduces the likelihood of cross-contamination of dangerous bacteria when purchasing and handling food.

UK food safety expert Dr. Lisa Ackerley (BBC Watchdog, Holiday Hit Squad)

Download our Biomaster Antibacterial Bag for Life Data Sheet for more technical information.

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* Food Standards Agency

** Professor Anthony Hilton, Head of Biological & Biomedical Sciences, Aston University


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Nearly two-thirds of chicken sold in the UK carries potentially deadly bacteria. The Biomaster ‘bag for life’ will make shopping safer for millions of people

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