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Addmaster (UK) Ltd. is a global leader in the supply of technically innovative, premium quality additives for the plastics, paper, textile, paints and coatings industries.

Since January 2021 Addmaster has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sweden-based company Polygiene

Our key philosophies are:

height=We always aim to provide our clients with exceptional added value, which in turn produces revenue for our business to thrive, supporting product development and industry growth

height=We offer compelling benefits that will add real value and differentiate your brand

height=We will never recommend or supply off-the-shelf solutions that don't exactly fit your requirements

height=We are committed to continuous investment to research and development to offer a world class resource centre for masterbatches, compounds and liquid or powder dispersions for any application

height=We don't charge licence fees: if your business grows, our business grows too.

Our key technologies include:

Biomaster antimicrobial technology providing fast, effective and long-lasting product-protection.

Verimaster anti-counterfeit technology offering unique brand protection and product verification options. 

Scentmaster fragrance technology providing a wide choice of flavours, fragrances and deodorising technology for polymers and textiles.

Masterpiece bespoke solutions designed to improve production processes or solve specific problems within the manufacturing process.

Addmaster (UK Ltd) was founded in 2000 in Stafford, England to develop innovative technologies for polymers, including long-term product protection against harmful bacteria

Today our products can be found in thousands of applications worldwide, at work, in the home, at leisure and in industry.

With our headquarters in Stafford, England, Addmaster has a global presence with distributors throughout the world including Argentina, Australia, Belaurus, Cambodia, Chile, China, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, North America, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Our products have won many awards and the company has been recognised by the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, in 2011 and again in 2018 with the Queen’s Award for International Trade.  In 2018 the company was also recognised for outstanding international sales performance with a Department for International Trade Board of Trade Award and a Staffordshire Chambers Business Award for International Trade.

In 2020 we were awarded a third Queen's Award, this time for Innovation in recognition of our contribution to improving public hygiene and eliminating plastic waste. 


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Addmaster (UK) Ltd. is Europe's leading provider of innovative, high technology, high performance additives

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