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About Addmaster

With nearly 20 years’ experience Addmaster is the market leading supplier of technically innovative additives for the plastics, textile, paper, paints and coatings industries.

We help the world’s leading brand owners create a unique selling point for their products with our diverse range of high quality and pioneering additives.

We don’t charge licence fees for using our products. You get our expert technical, regulatory and marketing advice free of charge to help you take your product to market.

We're proud to be based and manufacture all of our products in the UK, and our global distribution network allows us to help businesses all around the world.

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About Our Products

You can already find our additives in a wide range of products in some of the world's biggest known brand names.

It's easy to specify our additives to your new or existing product range and our expert team will assist you along the way.

Addmaster’s vast experience in additive technology means that we have a solution for almost any project from our four main brands:


Effective and long-lasting antimicrobial protection for plastics, textiles, paper and coatings with an astonishing array of uses in healthcare, catering, manufacturing and many more sectors.

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Highly concentrated flavour, fragrance, odour-masking and deodorising masterbatches creating a hugely valuable and unique selling point for your product range.

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Our ground-breaking security and anti-counterfeit additive helping you authenticate products and manufacturing processes protecting your customers, and profits, from counterfeit goods.

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Our commitment to research and development, Masterpiece is your in-house consultancy helping you create a bespoke additive solution to cater for your exact needs, including hyphobics, anti-static, flame retardants and more.

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Addmaster (UK) Ltd. is Europe's leading provider of innovative, high technology, high performance additives