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Staticmaster masterbatches are a range of highly concentrated antistatic and conductive grade compounds.


Staticmaster additives can be used in any polymer application where migratory/permanent antistatic or conductive properties are required.

We have developed a range of antistatic additives that control the migration of static through the polymer and impart a high level of dissipation across the surface and a range that forms a permanent percolating network in the polymer that does not lose performance over time.

We also have a range of coloured or natural conductive polymers.


Staticmaster products allow standard resin processing temperatures to be used. The products are suitable for use in a wide range of processes such as blown and cast film extrusion, injection moulding, synthetic fibre production, extruded sheets, tubes and profiles.

Due to the high concentration of active ingredient contained in Staticmaster products, recommended addition rates are typically 1% and 2%, but in some applications may be as high as 40%
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