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Odourmaster masterbatches are highly concentrated dispersions of odour adsorbing materials in polymeric carriers. These masterbatches are used to remove odours and certain gases from containers, wraps and barrier films. The active ingredients consist of micro porous inorganic materials with a high capacity to absorb volatile organic compounds.


Odourmaster products can be used in all types of plastics converting processes. The masterbatches should be mixed in the same way as other additives or colorants - e.g. tumble mixed or dosed.

Odourmaster masterbatches are compatible with PE, PP and EVA. They are effective in the adsorption of odours and other organic compounds including residual monomers, esters, vinyl acetate, organic acids, aldehydes and ketones.


Odourmaster products allow standard resin processing temperatures to be used.

The products are suitable for use in a wide range of processes such as blown and cast film extrusion, injection moulding, synthetic fibre production, extruded sheets, tubes and profiles.

Due to the high concentration of active ingredient contained in Odourmaster products, recommended addition rates typically only between 1% and 2% depending upon application.

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