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Biomaster Now Available For All Medical Device Classifications

1 Jun 2009
Addmaster has signed a European licensing agreement to allow it to cite a FDA data pack for specific grades of Biomaster in all medical device classifications.

Paul Morris, Managing Director of Addmaster comments:

“We already have good penetration into the medical device market in Europe however our products until now have only been suitable for non invasive end applications.” “By having access to this additional data we can now open up the large growth market area of invasive antimicrobial medical devices.”

Addmaster who has taken antimicrobial technology from their conception in plastics into paints, textiles and paper see this latest development as another major step in their growth in this competitive sector.

Source - Addmaster, June 2009

Biomaster is a registered trademark of Addmaster, based in Stafford UK. Addmaster is Europe's leading supplier of performance additives for a wide range of applications and industries. By working in partnership with its customers and focussing on research and development, highly innovative additives have been created and successfully introduced into many manufacturing environments. Addmaster's advanced products are being used by many of the world's industry leaders in the plastics, paper, paint, textile and coating industries.Addmaster, founded in the year 2000, sees its major objective as capitalising on the lack of innovation which exists in these industry sectors, and has won many business awards for innovations in product development and marketing.

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