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Enter The Harfield Tableware Prize Draw!

1 Jun 2012
The sun has started to break through the clouds in the UK which has got the guys at Harfield Tableware in a great mood! So great they have 4 complete family sets of their antibacterial tableware range to give away, absolutely free!

The set includes:

A 1.1 Litre antibacterial jug with antibacterial lid
4 x Antibacterial cutlery set with teaspoon
4 x 23cm antibacterial plate
4 x 9oz clear antibacterial tumbler
4 x antibacterial beaker

Perfect for a summer get together, BBQ or picnic the set has all you need for dining al fresco in the coming months. Made from extremely high quality, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate this Harfield Tableware set will give you many years of use.

To enter the free prize draw simply go to the web page below and give us your name and email address:

Entry closes on the 29th June and we will be letting you know if you have been lucky enough to win very shortly after that. Terms and conditions apply, open to UK residents only.

About Harfield Tableware
Harfield Components is the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of virtually unbreakable and reusable polycarbonate tableware is now incorporating Biomaster Protection into their entire antibacterial range.

The Harfield antibacterial range incorporates a silver containing polycarbonate masterbatch developed by Biomaster which give crystal clear results in the end moulding. Harfield jugs, jug lids, tumblers, beakers, plates, bowls and cutlery are now available with Biomaster Protection and have all been tested to the latest ISO 22196:2011 to prove they reduce the growth of bacteria.

Biomaster Protected products have been proven to reduce the growth of many different species of bacteria including food borne specie such as E.coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella by up to 99.99%. Based on silver ion technology, Biomaster Protection offers safe, effective and permanent antimicrobial protection for the life of the product.

Source - Addmaster (UK) Ltd, June 2012

Addmaster is Europe's leading supplier of performance additives for a wide range of applications and industries. By working in partnership with its customers and focussing on research and development, highly innovative additives have been created and successfully introduced into many manufacturing environments. Addmaster's advanced products are being used by many of the world's industry leaders in the plastics, paper, paint, textile and coating industries.Addmaster, founded in the year 2000, sees its major objective as capitalising on the lack of innovation which exists in these industry sectors, and has won many business awards for innovations in product development and marketing.

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