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Money Kills World Premiere

10 May 2012
Addmaster MD Paul Morris was one of over 500 guests who attended last week’s glittering premiere of Money Kills, the first film by Staffs-based independent film company Sheringham Studios.

Paul was one of several local businessmen who have backed co-founders Lee Murphy and Richard Wood, who are now at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

“It was a great night not just for Lee and Richard but for the whole of Stafford,” said Paul. “They have achieved their goal of making a high end production value action movie on a very limited budge with few resources and in their home town too. Let’s hope this is just the start.”

Money Kills was produced by Sheringham Studios, more information can be found on their website and on their facebook page:

Source - Addmaster (UK) Ltd, May 2012

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