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  • Clean-down time too long?
  • Hang-ups in hot runner tools?
  • Looking for a high performance holding compound?
  • Problems with black specks?

Addclean is a high performance purging masterbatch specially formulated for use in demanding polymer processes.

Unlike conventional systems, Addclean is non-abrasive, non-aggressive and because it is highly concentrated it can be used at dosage rages of only 10%.

Addclean purging masterbatch offers outstanding cost benefits over commonly used compounds and liquids.

Benefits of Addclean technology

Cost Effectiveness

  • Low dosage rate
  • Saves raw materials
  • Reduces Down Time
  • User friendly

Convenient Application

  • Conveniently packaged
  • No temperature changes required
  • Universal Purge for all common thermoplastics resins

Additional Benefits

  • Does not adhere to barrels, dies and screws
  • Long-shelf life
  • Loosens and removes carbonaceous deposits
  • Non-abrasive
  • Non-aggressive
  • Non-Toxic
Addclean - Unique purging masterbatches for all plastic processes.
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